Mercedez Ja'Miece - Actress, Activist, Philanthropist, and Flight Attendant

Photo Credit:  Beverli Alford

Photo Credit:  Beverli Alford

Mercedez is an Indianapolis native, a Colts fan by nature, a Celtics fan by choice, and an advocate for social justice. On any given day, Mercedez can be found traveling the world, painting, performing spoken word, or encouraging at-risk youth to pursue their purpose.  

In 2011, Mercedez was awarded the Commission on Multicultural Understanding (COMU) Award at Indiana University- an award given to one undergraduate student per year. She received the COMU award for spearheading a movement that changed discriminatory guidelines within Indiana University’s Student Association funding policies.

In 2013, Mercedez was named PEOPLE Magazine's Most Beautiful Real Woman in her 20s. She was featured in PEOPLE Magazine's Most Beautiful edition, and she used her platform to speak to students at various schools about inner beauty, perseverance and confidence.  

In 2015, Mercedez founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit that uses performance arts to promote suicide prevention, career development, and self discovery. 

Mercedez has been a SAG-E LEGIBLE actress since 2013 when she booked her first national commercial. Since then, Mercedez has worked on several commercials, televisions shows, and films. 

Mercedez has made it her mission to be a true disciple of Christ by spreading a message of hope, love, and discipline to all. She is always looking for new ways to get involved, volunteer and serve.